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Welcome to the Rego Park Jewish Center
RPJC Sanctuary Original Stain Glass Original Stain Glass RPJC Sanctuary

We provide a loving fellowship for Jews of all backgrounds and cultures.

No matter what level of observance, Shabbat and Holiday services are spiritually enriching and inspiring.

Services Saturday morning are at 9:00 A.M.

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From the Rabbi's Desk

The High Holy Days are almost over. We finally are celebrating the Torah and its contents. We can celebrate the fact that the Almighty, being all forgiving and having listened to our plea to move from the seat of justice to the seat of mercy, has forgiven us for any sins committed wittingly or unknowingly. It is always with this knowledge that we continue our lives striving to be better human beings. This does not mean that we take forgiveness for granted and so continue merrily going about our usual errant way. We have given our word that we will do our best to change. After all Rosh Hashanah means to all of us that we have a good year. It also means a good change. A change for the better along the path of Chesed, loving-kindness and charity.

We have been written up in the Book of Life for one more year. Let us make the most of the time that is given to us. We have been given blessings. Let us use those blessings for the betterment of humankind, because all blessings are given to us to be used mercifully and not to be wasted. You have money, be charitable. You have strength, use it to hold somebody up who needs to walk upright. You have kindness, use it to hear others who need a kind ear to lift them from their sorrows. You have laughter, use it to make others smile with you. continued

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Daily Minyan Urgent Request

The morning and afternoon minyans are fragile and exist without a strong safety net of men to make a minyan if some of our regulars do not come.

If you are observing the yahrzeit of a loved one and it falls on a day when we do not have a minyan you would be upset and rightly so. We need you not only when you are observing yahrzeit, but a few days each month to insure that someone else will be able to say kaddish. A few days each month is not too much to ask.

By doing a mitzvah, you will be rewarded with a bigger mitzvah. Please contact the Rabbi or the Center office with your name and phone number; & when and how often & what time (morning/afternoon?) you can commit.