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Welcome to the Rego Park Jewish Center
RPJC Sanctuary Original Stain Glass Original Stain Glass RPJC Sanctuary

We provide a loving fellowship for Jews of all backgrounds and cultures.

No matter what level of observance, Shabbat and Holiday services are spiritually enriching and inspiring.

Services Saturday morning are at 9:00 A.M.

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From The Rabbi's Desk

During the year, we are all so busy with ourselves, our children, grandchildren, our families and friends, that it is sometimes impossible to find the time to dedicate ourselves to our Shul; attending a Minyan, the study of Torah, adult education classes, our spiritual growth and Yiddishkeit in general. The truth is we work hard during the year, and we are all looking forward to our vacations, to enjoy the summer, and a little (R & R) rest and relaxation.

F or some people, summer is the time to take care of things they have been postposing during the rest of the year. For others, summer is the time of year when they can visit with family and friends.

S ummer is also a time to relax and reconnect with G-d. We are so immersed in ourselves that we sometimes forget to look up. When was the last time you looked up? When was the last time you discovered something different, or something meaningful in your life? When was the last time you turned your eyes up in order to thank someone or help someone? continued

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Celebrate our 75th Anniversary with Us

Be a part of our 75th Anniversary Celebration and come to our Journal Dinner on June 29th at the Hollis Hills Jewish Center. Come take a trip down Memory Lane, back to when our temple was just a blueprint. Listen to stories by long standing members and friends as they fondly reminisce about the most memorable moments experienced right here at 97-30 Queens Blvd.

The Singles Dances brought people from all over NYC together and many married and had their marriages performed right here on our bima. Oh if our bima could talk. We've had politcal figures, literary artists, actors, actresses, and most importantly 4 generations of families cross our bima.

We truly must honor the many years that Rego Park Jewish Center has been here for the community and continues to service our community and extended neighborhood. This Journal Dinner will be the celebration to remember.

For more information please see the Journal Flyers on the left of this page or call our center office at 718 459-1000.

Daily Minyan Urgent Request
The morning and afternoon minyans are fragile and exist without a strong safety net of men to make a minyan if some of our regulars do not come.

If you are observing the yahrzeit of a loved one and it falls on a day when we do not have a minyan you would be upset and rightly so. We need you not only when you are observing yahrzeit, but a few days each month to insure that someone else will be able to say kaddish. A few days each month is not too much to ask.

By doing a mitzvah, you will be rewarded with a bigger mitzvah. Please contact the Rabbi or the Center office with your name and phone number; & when and how often & what time (morning/afternoon?) you can commit.

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